American Breakdown

Notes from an Industrialized Body

A Reading from “The Butterfly Effect”

Here I am at the legendary New York literary hangout, the KGB Bar, reading excerpts from my essay, “The Butterfly Effect,” which interweaves the parallel stories of the declining monarch numbers and my challenges traveling–with multiple chemical sensitivity–to see them. The essay won the $1000 Robert Fragasso Animal Advocate Award for the Best Creative Nonfiction Essay About Animals, and was…

A Canary in New York

Since this blog is called “One Canary Sings,” I’ve decided I need to blog more actively about this canary’s ongoing efforts to sing, sing, SING about health and the environment. And a lot has been going on since last I submitted a report from the mines. First, I found out that my essay, “The Butterfly Effect,” which intertwines the parallel…

Big Talk Interview about One Canary Sings

In April, 2010, after my book in progress won honorable mention in the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance’s Maine Literary Awards, Suzanne Murphy invited me to join her and Dr. Caroline Teschke for an interview on Big Talk, their acclaimed WMPG radio talk show. Here is that interview: [audio:|titles=Big Talk]

Pity Party

You are invited to an honest-to-goodness, true blue, no-hold-barred Pity Party in honor of Lunden and her life of suffering and deprivation. There will be no playing of the miniature finger violins. Not even a regular violin will do. No, Lunden’s story of suffering and deprivation can only be met with a full-on cello. The real thing. If you have one, you are welcome to bring it.

On Not Being Productive

With this new discovery of the possible connection between the XMRV retrovirus and  Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), I am struck by the magnitude of the desperation for a biological explanation in the CFIDS community. All of us with CFIDS are so excited. But it’s a retrovirus! Like HIV! And we don’t know how it is transmitted. And…